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A catalog of classes for those on their healing journey


"The conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires..."


"The act or state of understanding and recognizing one's own abilities and limitations..."


"It is the physical manifestation of what it feels and looks like to be connected with yourself...."


Saying Yes

Make the decision to show up for yourself by intentionally choosing YOU.


Collect the data

No judgment ALL data is the mantra as you deepen your knowledge of self.


Staying steadfast

Having a community helps to keep you committed. There is no need to heal in a silo.


Accept change

Transition. Transform. Transcend. Align with what you want by releasing what you do not.


The Mind Your Mental Resource Collection consists of several standalone classes on specific topics, from effective communication to body acceptance and self-esteem, all created with the goal of increasing self-awareness.

Every class is designed to help you cultivate a relationship with yourself built on honor, respect, and trust.


Yulinda Renee, the creator of the classes, is a...

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Board Certified Sex "Kink Conscious" Therapist

Certified Divorce Mediator

Certified Trauma Specialist

Licensed Professional Educator

Astrologer and

Pending Yoga Teacher


This continuously expanding catalog of classes and workshops is created and cultivated with a focus on education and a deepening of self-awareness, combining thought-provoking assignments that invite and encourage self-reflection, contemplation, and enlightenment.



A foundational class that is recommended for everyone. It discusses the definition of trauma, the different types of trauma, and how to identify and address your own trauma.


I'm not listening

A class that educates on the barriers to effective communication and how to develop a more productive approach to being understood and demonstrating understanding.


I can't relate

A course that looks at how you relate to others, explores potential barriers to connecting, and dares to ask the question, "are YOU the drama?"


Poor vs Prosperous

A course that review "money mindset," how it is impacted, what it impacts, and defining what prosperity means to YOU.


My Body

My Image

A class that reviews eating disorders and explores your relationship with your body, how it was impacted, and what to do to improve it.



Our relationship with self can be impacted by many things, from our attachments to our parents as kids to messages we get through media. This class explores any wounds around esteem and how to address them.


Life In-between

This course is for those in the midst of a transition or considering or feeling the need to make significant shifts in their lives. This class will help guide you through the process.


Seduce with senses

A class that helps you "get back in the body" by having you explore your environment via your senses., tap into your creative center, and define what pleasure means to you.



The Wounded Healer

A specialty class that introduces astrology as a tool for increased self-awareness via exploring the Chiron Placement in your chart.


Breath Work

A specialty class introducing breath work as a tool for self-regulation. The student will be educated on the science of why breath work WORKS!


Classes are all $47. Priced for accessibility and affordability, allowing those who may not have access to mental health practitioners to receive tools, resources, and support. Everyone who purchases a class will receive access to a community of like-minded individuals where shared support is offered.

No more Silos is the slogan going forward.

Together We "Heal On Purpose"

Be on the lookout!

New classes are being added soon!

Yulinda Renee is constantly working to bring more value and is currently working on the following courses


Chakra Love

This packed introductory class walks the student through the chakra system one chakra at a time, providing a wealth of information that is easy to follow.


The Big 3

In this class, the student is educated on their three "main" astrological placements and how they can use that information for enhanced self-awareness.


Back in the Body

Students are introduced to somatic experiences and have access to a yoga sequence created specifically to address trauma trapped in the body.


Intro to BDSM

As a certified Kink Conscious Sex Therapist, Yulinda created this introductory class to educate and dispel the many myths about the community.


I have had the privilege of sharing several stages and more intimate group settings with Yulinda and can say without hesitation that she is hands down the best of the best in her industry. She has the special ability to make everyone feel seen, heard, and understood while challenging our thoughts and creating a safe space for growth and restoration. Her continuous thirst for knowledge and ability to connect people from all walks of life makes her a phenomenal teacher and guide!

Jasmin Murphy

Hey! This is the Oper8tor, known as Staci to some. I have been under the guidance of Yulinda Renee for two years, and during that time, my level of Self-Mastery has been up-leveled. My increased self-awareness earned through pausing and leaning into my process with the support of Yulinda has amplified my gift of manifesting clarity for not only myself but also those I serve. You could not ask for a better, Teacher, Leader, GUIDE!

Staci Moore The Oper8tor

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